The Ranch

Bar none, the Banded Peak Ranches are some of southwestern Colorado's most pristine ranches. The ranches are managed for landscape-scale ecological sustainability with the health and viability of our elk and deer populations of utmost importance.   Banded Peak Ranches consist of three equally sized smaller ranches: Banded Peak Ranch, Catspaw Ranch, and Navajo River Headwaters Ranch. The ranches are collectively known as the Banded Peak Ranches. Historically, the isolated ranches were used for homesteading, cattle ranching, timber sales, and oil production.  For the last two decades, the Banded Peak Ranches' 50,600 acres have been managed for improved wildlife habitat and optimal ecological health.

The ranch encompasses the headwaters region of the Navajo River and boasts some of the finest habitat in the West for elk, mule deer and a variety of other species. All three ranches are available to hunt and provide undeniable adventure. Colorado’s last known grizzly bear was found in this valley. The ranch spans from oak groves, ponderosa forests, and meadows at 8,000 feet, through thousands of acres of aspen, to deep dark timber in the high country, topping out at over 12,500 feet. The ranch holds an abundance of water in springs, ponds, creeks, and the Navajo River. The ranch is the perfect setting for an unstoppable elk and deer hunting experience.