Hunting Trips

Banded Peak Ranches provides an unrivaled Colorado elk hunting experience on private ranches with an incredibly high elk density and a low number of hunters.  Our diverse terrain offers unrivaled opportunities for uncompromising adventure, including high-country hunts as well as more relaxed lower-elevation stalks.

Our elk herd is part of the greater San Juan Basin Herd, numbering over 20,000 elk, with an estimated 1,500 of them spending spring through fall on or around the ranches, calving in the meadows in June, summering in the high country during the summer, then descending to the mid and lower elevations in the fall for the rut.

At Banded Peak Ranches, you will have the opportunity to see large numbers of rutting bulls during the archery hunting season. Then, as the first dusting of snow hits the peaks at the onset of rifle season, more elk than you can imagine begin their descent through the ranches on their way to their wintering grounds farther south.